K&H Mix savings


  • sales of K&H Mix savings were suspended from 22 June, 2020
  • if you want to combine the advantages of investments and term deposits to earn a higher rate of interest
  • The deposit component of this savings product pays a high interest even for a short term
  • The other component is a longer-term investment
K&H Mix savings


The deposit part of the account statement will be modified from the end of June. At the same time, the ID of deposit products and the name of certain deposit products will also change. Details of the changes are accessible in the Retail Statement Change Information Document, among the documents.

flexible instrument shares

the share of the investment instrument within the total savings 67% and more (if the funds are invested for 60 and 180 days)

flexible deposit terms

60 or 180 days


a fixed interest rate for the deposit component during the term

  • If the investment component of the Mix savings is a K&H open-ended investment fund, then the investment unit will be credited to your K&H pension savings account or your K&H long-term investment account
  • You can be exempted from capital gains tax on investment units credited to your K&H pension savings account or K&H long-term investment account
  • The amount to be invested in a deposit must be invested in one lump sum at the same time that the investment in the instrument forming the other component of the K&H Mix savings is made, in the branch where the subscription was made / contract was signed
  • Eligible investment instruments: K&H close-ended forint and FCY investment funds and insurance asset funds, K&H open-ended investment funds and insurance asset funds.

The prevailing interest rates and terms and conditions can be found in the Announcement concerning retail forint interests (Annex 4) under Documents

The K&H mix savings are insured by the National Deposit Insurance Fund.


general contracting terms and conditions for bank account, deposit account and term deposit products
announcement on the bank accounts, deposit accounts, term deposits and cash transacitons of private individual customers
forint interest rate announcement
general terms and conditions
announcement on investment services and securities
general terms and conditions for investment and complementary investment services provided by K&H Bank
  • K&H closed-end funds or closed-end asset funds are purchased pursuant to the framework agreement on K&H hozamlánc (yield chain) series (1,2,3), K&H premium series (1,2) unit-linked life insurances and K&H single pension insurance  [except “K&H kiemelt” and „K&H hozamplusz” series], and entry into a K&H regular pension insurance (1,2) series life insurance contract
  • K&H open-ended investment fund units denominated in HUF (except for K&H capital guaranteed money market investment units and open-ended investment unit derivatives), and provided that the purchased investment fund units are deposited on the client’s K&H r 4 pension savings account, or K&H long-term savings account
  • Open-end asset funds are purchased pursuant to the framework agreement on K&H hozamlánc (yield chain) series (1,2,3), K&H premium series (1,2) unit-linked life insurances and K&H single and regular (1,2) pension insurances (except money market asset funds)
We draw your attention to the consumer protection website of the Financial Consumer Protection Centre of the National Bank of Hungary where you can find useful product descriptions and various applications for comparison (loan calculator, budget calculator for households).
The present information is a marketing communication and it does not qualify as an offer, it is intended merely to attract attention.  A detailed description of the products and services, their terms and conditions and further details can be found in the General Contracting Terms and Conditions applicable to bank accounts, deposit accounts and term deposit products offered to resident and non-resident natural persons; the General Terms and Conditions on Investment Services, the Announcement on the Bank Accounts, Deposit Accounts, Term Deposits and Cash Payment Transactions of Natural Persons, as well as K&H Bank’s General Terms and Conditions, which may be viewed in our bank branches or at www.kh.hu. The Bank reserves the right to modify conditions.