K&H e-box login

what is a token?

A chip card with a USB plug, which allows you to log in to the Electra system and sign transactions. Your USB token is a secure two-factor authentication tool relying on PKI (public key infrastructure) standards and authentication and identification procedures based on PKI encryption methods.

how can I get a token?

You can request a token at any K&H branch by singing an e-box agreement.

how do I install my token?

To install a token you must have system administrator rights. The installation program depends on the operating system on your computer. Our instructions will help you find the right program quickly and take you through the installation process step by step. Click here!

what do I do if I enter the wrong PIN code or forgot it?

If you have entered a wrong PIN code logging in or singing a transaction, you can try again. After several failed attempts the token will be automatically disabled. Call the Corporate Customer Service to re-enable it.

what do I do when my token expires?

For security reasons your e-box token certificate is only valid for four years, after which you need to renew it.

The device works normally until the expiry date of its certificate. Once the certificate has expired, you cannot log in to the K&H e-bank or sign orders with your token.

To renew the certificate you need:

  • internet access;
  • installed token drive;
  • internet browser;
  • Internet Explorer (version 7 or above) or Mozilla Firefox (version 24 or above);
  • Java 1.6 (or above);
  • read and write privileges for the CD/DVD drive

If your access rights do not permit you to open the link, contact your system administrator for help and check that all of the above conditions are in place.

You can also renew your token certificate on another computer, even from home, provided that the above conditions are in place.

It only takes a few simple steps to renew your certificate.

If you have any questions please call K&H Corporate Customer Service at +36 1 468 7777.

download the driver
install the driver program
insert token
change password

Installation guide Installation guide

please choose the settings of your computer from the dropdown list 
To log in to the e-box using identification by SMS you need your user name and your password, which you specify when you log in to the e-box for the first time. We will then send a single-use code by SMS for entry into the e-box.

how do I log in to the e-box for the first time?

When you first log in to the e-box, you must enter your K&H eID and ePIN code. You can then choose a user name and a password for subsequent use.

what are K&H eID and e-PIN code? where can I find them if I forget them? what do I need to do if I want to change or replace them?

Your K&H eID is your unique ID for the use of electronic services. You will receive your K&H eID and the matching e-PIN code at the branch when you sign the agreement to use electronic services. Your K&H eID is shown on your account statement. To obtain a new K&H eID and e-PIN free of charge, please apply for them at a K&H branch.

what do I do if I enter the wrong user name or password?

If you have entered a wrong user name or password, click on the ‘I forgot my password’ button on the e-box login page to get a new password, which you can then use immediately.

how can I switch to a more secure authentication device?

You can also use token authentication to log in to your K&H e-box. If you would like to switch to this device please collect one at a K&H branch.