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[K&H World Mastercard credit card]

embossed prestige credit card

  • higher cash back on your travels and foreign purchases
  • supplementary and premium services
  • also suitable for contactless and online purchases
  • APR: 18.7%
credit line amount requested
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Apple Pay mobile application service at K&H Bank! details

pay with your mobile phone!

K&H customers can pay with their smartphones in a contactless way

The K&H mobile wallet offers the very latest payment method. It is convenient and safe:

  • Your phone is always at hand; you can leave your credit card at home.
  • What you need: an NFC-enabled handset with Android 5 operating system or higher, debit or credit card service provided by K&H [K&H Maestro or Mastercard debit or credit card].
  • It is built into the mobile application service [K&H mobilbank], i.e. you don't need to download a separate app.
  • The K&H mobile wallet can be used on mobile devices running the Android operating system. On mobile devices with an appropriate iOS operating system, you can use the Apple Pay mobile application service with your Maestro or Mastercard retail and business debit or credit card issued by K&H Bank.

 everything you need to know about mobile payments


minimum application requirements

  • resident private individuals of age 18 or over who have a permanent address in Hungary
  • those who have an account history of at least 3 months
  • those who have at least 100 million HUF investment at K&H Bank
  • those who have at least HUF 500,000 incoming transfer

key information

  • APR: 18.7%
  • credit line available subject to application (depending on the customer’s income): 370 thousand – HUF 1.5 million 
  • maximum annual cash back value: HUF 60 thousand

representative example

The value of the credit (credit line) set out in Government Decree No. 83/2010. (III.25.) is HUF 375,000; term: 1 year. The facility is drawn down in full on the first day of the term and decreases by the minimum repayment instalments during the term, and the remaining debt will be repaid in a lump sum on the last day of the term.

The interest rate on credit cards up until 31 December 2020 will be 0.48%, as per Article 2 of Government Decree No. 47/2020.(III.18.) on the immediate measures necessary for alleviating the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the national economy; and unless this deadline is extended, for agreements also in force at this point in time, the rate will change to the level shown in the document titled “K&H Credit Card Announcement for Natural Persons”.

representative example:
Rate and type of credit interest: 11.88% per annum, fixed. Annual credit card service fee: HUF 14,932. The repayment instalment varies monthly depending on the value of the credit line used, but equals at least 5% of the credit line used. Based on the above, APR: 18.7%, fee included in the total credit cost: HUF 14,932, and the total sum to be repaid: HUF 412,296.

The detailed interest rates and conditions may be viewed in our Announcement titled “Credit Card Announcement for Natural Persons” and in the document titled “Cash Back in respect of Purchases linked to K&H’s Cash Back Credit Card Services.

  • cash back: if you spend a total of at least HUF 20,000 on purchases in one settlement cycle, we will give you a 5% credit on purchases related to domestic or foreign travel (hotel, airline ticket, transport) and also in respect of all expenditures incurred abroad (not within Hungary), as well as 1% after each use of the card at a petrol station. The total monthly credit can be no more than HUF 5,000 (the cash back is per credit card account).
  • contactless payment made easy: you can use your K&H World Mastercard contactless credit card for contactless payment at most acceptance points. For purchases below HUF 15 thousand it is not necessary to enter the PIN code in Hungary.
  • flexible repayment, minimum repayment amount: 5% of the total debt established on the settlement date.
  • simple application: it is not necessary to have a retail account with K&H.
  • interest-free period: if you use your credit card for purchases, the credit line used will only need to be paid later, within 15 days after the statement date, during the so-called grace period. If you settle your entire debt (including any credit card interest and fees) by the payment deadline, you will not have to pay interest on purchase-type transactions. It is important that in case of cash withdrawal, the credit card account is charged with credit interest from the day of spending.
  • a joint card can also be requested, allowing your family members to enjoy the convenience that comes with it.
  • optional rollover date: selectable when applying for a credit card: it can be the 5th, 15th or 25th day of each month. The settlement period is one month (between two statements).

adjusted to your needs

  • Sickness, travel, accident and luggage insurance provided by K&H Insurance free of charge, offering cover for up to 30 days per trip
  • Access to the Mastercard Lounge with a K&H World Mastercard credit card will be modified as follows from 1 April 2019
    • From 1 January 2020, the lounge will only be available for a fee.
    • From 1 January 2020, holders of World Mastercards may take no more than 1 guest with them to the lounge, at a cost of HUF 5,000/person. For children over 2 years of age, the entrance fee is 5,000 HUF/child, regardless of the number of children. Cardholders may bring their own children under the age of 2 free of charge. The guest fee must be paid on site, by bank card only.
  • Entrance to the lounge room of the Liszt Ferenc International Airport must be in line with the prevailing General Contracting Terms and Conditions (GCTC) pertaining to the use of Mastercard Airport Lounge services. The current regulation pertaining to this service is accessible at
  • From April 1, 2019, Fast Track is available at Budapest Airport free of charge.
  • From April 1, 2019, new free exclusive benefits in BudapestAréna.
    • BudapestAréna Premium Lounge and
    • BudapestAréna Fast Track
  • discounts at Hertz car rentals (subject to preliminary registration at
  • free home assistance service: free emergency response (pipe breakage as stipulated in the conditions of the insurance policy, short circuit, blockage, key broken in lock)
  • free car assistance service: in case of damage to your vehicle through no fault of your own, free on-site repair, breakdown assistance and storage, provision of a rental car (Europ Assistance operates a live, non-stop telephone information and assistance service for K&H Bank customers on +36 1 236 7555)
  • optional health care and extended warranty service, telephone handset insurance
  • in case of loss or theft of your credit card, please, promptly call +36 80 414 243 (toll-free from abroad as well) to stop your card free of charge!
  • Internet Secure Code service (3D Secure Code): can be requested free of charge as part of the Internet banking service [K&H e-bank] or via the telephone banking services [K&H TeleCenter]. Notifications by text message [K&H mobilinfo] also available upon request: you will be able to monitor the items going through your credit card, as you will notified about your electronic transactions by text message round-the-clock
  • mobilinfo service available upon request: you will be able to monitor items going through your credit card, as you will notified about your electronic transactions by text message round-the-clock
  • can be used at cash dispenser machines (ATMs) bearing the Mastercard logo and in suitable bank branches; if necessary, by entering the PIN code. You can also withdraw cash with your credit card, both in Hungary and abroad
  • electronic statement 


electronic statement

Electronic statements are downloadable documents in PDF format that contain the transactions on our credit card account, in the same way as a conventional paper-based version.

For our customers who use a retail account management service [have a K&H retail bank account] and a K&H e-bank contract, the monthly electronic account statement for the credit card is automatically set up, and can thus be found and downloaded from the client’s own K&H e-banking account. The type of statement (i.e. whether the Bank should make it available on paper or electronically) can be changed at any time via K&H e-bank.

Credit card holders who do not have access to K&H e-bank will receive a printed account statement every month.

If you have a K&H retail bank account but do not yet have access to K&H e-bank, please, apply free of charge at any K&H bank branch of your choice.

Electronic account statements have a number of advantages over conventional account statements sent by regular mail.

  • secure: they are only accessible with your own, unique ID
  • convenient and simple: viewable and downloadable from anywhere, anytime, 24 hours a day - no need to wait for mail delivery
  • environmentally friendly: no unnecessary paper usage
  • if a printed statement is still required, one copy of each statement can be printed free of charge from the e-bank platform, in any K&H branch.

announcements, guides

general Terms and Conditions
general terms and conditions for bankcard and credit card services
credit card announcement for private individual customers valid for credit card contracts from 05. October 2018
conditions of cash back with K&H credit cards for credit card agreements concluded after October 5, 2018
Ingatlan fedezet nélküli hitelek minimális igénylési feltételei

how can I receive my card?

Your credit card will be sent by post to the notification address (in Hungary) reported to the Bank.

how can you repay the credit line used?

  • by regular or one-off transfer from a K&H retail bank account
  • by regular or one-off transfer from an account held with another bank
  • by direct debit set up for repayment purposes


how long is my credit card valid?

The credit card can be used until the last day of the month of expiry shown on the face of the card. To make sure you won’t need to go without the convenience of your credit card even for a short time, we will automatically renew your card and, if you have not previously provided otherwise, we will mail it to your notification address in Hungary.

how long will it take to physically produce the card?

After submitting your application for the credit card, the Bank will ensure that it is produced within 15 banking days, subject to the Bank’s assessment and approval.

how much can you spend with the card daily?

For your security, you can set individual daily card usage limits for purchases and cash withdrawals on your credit card. The Bank limits the daily value of cash withdrawals (ATM and POS). If you do not set the maximum daily amount for purchases and cash withdrawals, the default bank limit will apply, as per the Bank’s Announcement. The limit change might be changed via K&H e-bank, K&H TeleCenter or in K&H bank branches

what are the costs involved?

  • credit card fees (e.g. the credit card’s annual card fee)
  • cash withdrawal/cash deposit fees
  • fees for other services linked to the credit card (e.g. card replacement fee)
A detailed description of the fees is included in the current version of the document titled ‘K&H Credit Card Announcement for Natural Persons’.

what can the K&H retail credit card be used for?

For purchases with credit cards both Hungary and abroad. You can get the most out of your credit card when making purchases and using services (in restaurants, hotels etc.). When you make purchases with your credit card, you are spending the Bank’s money, while your savings and funds are still earning interest in the same way as before. You can also use it for cash withdrawals if necessary, but in this case, there is no interest exemption.

what to do if your card gets stolen?

If your bank card gets lost or stolen, please, promptly call +36 80 414 243 (toll-free from abroad as well) to stop your card free of charge.

You can stop your lost card and ask for a new one in K&H ebank or mobilebank in order to use it as soon as possible.

If you are not sure whether your card has been lost, you can also suspend your card for security reasons in K&H ebank or mobilebank for 90 days as a temporary solution.

what to do if several of you want to use the credit line?

With your existing credit card, it is possible to apply for a partner card of the same type, allowing your family members and relatives to make purchases from your credit line, with the same discounts that we provide for the main card holder. The maximum refund available is per credit card account.
We draw your attention to the consumer protection website of the Financial Consumer Protection Centre of the National Bank of Hungary where you can find useful product descriptions and various applications for comparison (loan calculator, budget calculator for households).
This material does not constitute an offer. The Bank reserves the right to change the aforementioned terms and conditions. A detailed description of the product and its terms and conditions can be found in the relevant contract, the General Contracting Terms and Conditions applicable to bank card and credit card services, K&H Bank’s General Terms and Conditions and the current Announcement on credit cards for natural persons effective from 8 August 2015 which can be viewed in our bank branches and at the website. The insurance service is provided by K&H Biztosító Zrt. You can find detailed information on the insurance product in the related insurance information material.