“K&H go!” cycling day


K&H Group launched a new grassroots sporting events series in 2010: the K&H cycling day, first held in Budapest. The event had two parts: a tour of Budapest on the city’s bike roads and lanes, and a huge and colourful festivity in which virtually all kinds and associations of cycling presented themselves.

The K&H cycling day went nationwide in 2012: besides Budapest, cyclists had the opportunity to tour Dunaújváros and circle Lake Velencei. Most recently the cycling days have attracted around 1,200 participants.

On the occasion of the 2015 “K&H Go!” cycling day on 31st May Lake Velencei was circumbiked by 1,300 enthusiasts.


Events in 2016:

28th May 2016: “K&H Go!” cycling day, Gárdony

The “K&H Go!” cycling day is an excellent occasion for families, friends, the young and the not-so-young to hop on their bikes and have fun together!