medium and large corporates

K&H Bank offers a wide range of products and services to medium and large corporates, such as:


  • K&H account management - We offer a comprehensive range of account management services, which can be tailored to individual needs. In addition to making and receiving payments, current account holders have access to a number of other services, and we manage accounts in forint and in all major convertible currencies. We also offer an e-registration service to companies, which accelerates the process of setting up a business and the registration of changes, and it can also be used for opening a bank account. K&H Bank accepts and processes original e-documents filed with the Court of Registry and generated in the course of the Court of Registry procedure, authenticated with a digital signature, in accordance with the relevant legislation.


  • K&H deposits and investments - Clients can avail themselves of an extensive range of savings and investment solutions, including liquidity products (e.g. investment funds, K&H surety bonds etc).


  • K&H treasury services - K&H Treasury, a dominant player in the Hungarian money, foreign exchange and capital markets, strives to build long-term relationships with our clients, treating them as partners. Our experts assess the risks arising from the operation of businesses and take into account market expectations to help clients develop their hedging strategy. Our treasury services range from forward contracts, range forward contracts and forward extra contracts to interest rate and commodity swaps but to mention a few.


  • Telephone banking services - The K&H TeleCenter offers comfortable, reliable and modern banking services, providing businesses with secure, quick and accurate answers regarding their finances. Companies can obtain account information and transact without having to visit a branch.


  • K&H financing solutions - Clients can find the solutions best suited to their financing needs and their short-term and long-term plans at K&H.
    • K&H short-term loans - Short-term loans (to be repaid within a year according to a pre-agreed repayment schedule or upon maturity and/or to be repaid annually) usually serve short-term financial needs, mainly to manage liquidity problems, for example purchasing stocks or purchasing or upgrading low-value machinery and equipment.
    • K&H medium- and long-term loans - Medium- and long-term loans can be used for development, for example for creating business premises, purchasing or upgrading machinery & equipment or vehicles or technological upgrades. The most popular product is the investment loan. Our product range also includes the K&H EIB Global Loan IV, an export financing loan refinanced by Eximbank, and we are also participating in the Business Financing Scheme of the Hungarian Development Bank.
    • K&H agricultural loans - Agricultural businesses with special financing needs can avail themselves of our self-funded and refinanced loan products.
    • Institutional guarantees -Companies not in a position to offer sufficient tangible collateral can obtain an institutional guarantee for their loans, for example from Garantiqa Hitelgarancia Zrt., the New Széchenyi Loan Guarantee Scheme or the Rural Credit Guarantee Foundation.
    • K&H leasing - The K&H Leasing Group also offers a full range of asset-based financing products to businesses from vehicle financing to machinery & equipment financing, insurance, fleet management or fleet leasing.
    • K&H factoring - K&H Faktor provides a comprehensive financial and management service whereby we purchase short-term receivables for goods or services and immediately pay the bulk of the invoice value.
    • K&H bank guarantees - The Bank offers a wide range of guarantees to be used by businesses for securing their payment or performance obligations to the authorities or their business partners or under funding schemes. If the terms and conditions set out in the bank guarantee are met, K&H Bank makes a payment to the beneficiary.


  • K&H trade financing
    • Trade financing covers exchange and interest rate risk management and a number of structured investments. Our products range from K&H L/C to stand-by L/C to cash against document (CAD) to K&H non-recourse purchase financing.
    • Clients can manage their export and import L/Cs, CADs and international guarantees online using K&H Flexims; they can submit orders, initiate modifications and monitor funds movements.


  • Medium- and long-term (MLT) export financing - is providing financial opportunities to Hungarian exporter's client for longer period (2-10 years).
    • By purchasing of Hungarian goods and services foreign buyers are able to get favorable financing in frame of bank-to-bank loan, buyer's credit or purchasing receivables from Hungarian exporter.
    • Preferable for both parties. Exporter has opportunity for bigger transactions, buyer get deferred payment for longer period.
    • Due to cooperation with Hungarian ECA (Eximbank and MEHIB) we are able to offer fixed CIRR based financing with risk mitigating of MEHIB’s insurance facilities with statutory suretyship of the Hungarian State.


  • K&H funding advice - We help find the EU or Hungarian source of funding best suited to our clients’ needs and provide support throughout the application process.


  • K&H business bank cards - K&H Bank offers a wide range of debit and credit cards, including the K&H Maestro and K&H MasterCard business cards and the K&H Visa business (gold) bank card. On 7 December 2012 K&H Bank became the first major bank in Hungary to provide to debit and credit card holders an additional security layer for online card transactions based on the 3D Secure technology developed by the card associations MasterCard and Visa.


  • K&H custody management - Custody management is a service provided to clients with sizeable securities portfolios, principally dealing with the recording, accounting and evaluation needed for securities account management.


  • K&H Széchenyi Recreation Card (SZÉP Card) - The Széchenyi Recreation Card is a new addition to non-wage benefits subject to a preferential tax rate, which can be used at accommodation and catering establishments and for recreational and preventive health care services.


  • K&H employee benefit package - The K&H employee benefit package provides cost-efficient solutions by harmonising advantages to the business with the interests of its employees, thereby facilitating efficient and profitable operation.


  • K&H safe deposit box rental - Our branches providing this service offer safe and completely secure storage for confidential correspondence, documents and securities.


  • K&H card acquiring - K&H Bank is one of the biggest traditional acquiring banks. Our countrywide network comprises thousands of merchants, and we have a significant share in both the domestic and international merchant markets.


To find out more about our products and services, please inquire in our branches or call K&H corporate hotline in Hungary on 06 40 200 069 or from abroad on (36 1) 468 7731.

K&H TeleCenter: 
(06 1/20/30/70) 335 3355


K&H Corporate Customer Service: 

06 1 468 7731

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