K&H Lease Group

K&H Lease Group was formed by merging K&H Bank’s three leasing companies in 2001. It united the experience of Pannonlízing, the connections of ABN AMRO Asset Financing and the youthful dynamism of K&H Lízing.
K&H Lease Group offers the entire range of asset-backed financing to businesses and agencies, including machinery and equipment financing, fleet management and fleet financing. We constantly improve our services and offer flexible arrangements with all-round administration.

SMEs: Medium- or even long-term production assets financing with favourable conditions; simpler and faster than bank financing; less collateral is needed on top of the financed asset.

Corporates: Can be more advantageous than banking products on accounting or legal considerations (operative lease is an off-balance-sheet item); can serve as an auxiliary financing product besides banking ones.

• For big projects cash-flow backing can be combined with asset backing, resulting in a special collateral background.

Ad hoc machinery & equipment line
• K&H ad hoc machinery & equipment financing
• K&H EIB SME financing

Standard machinery & equipment line
• K&H agricultural machinery financing
• K&H forklift financing
• K&H construction equipment financing

Truck line
• K&H large commercial vehicles financing

Address: Liget Center, 1068 Budapest, Dózsa György út 84/a
Mailing address: Budapest, 1851
Phone: (06 1) 236 8900
Fax: (06 1) 236 8200
K&H TeleLízing: (06 1/20/30/70) 335 3355
e-mail: lizing@kh.hu


K&H TeleCenter: 
(06 1/20/30/70) 335 3355

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