the Bank's management

Board of Directors


Luc Gijsens, Chairman of the Board

Hendrik Scheerlinck (K&H Bank, CEO)

Ágnes Bába dr. (K&H Bank, Deputy CEO) 

Martin Jarolim

Christine Van Rijsseghem


Supervisory Board  


Béla Singlovics (Chairman of the Supervisory Board)

Christian Leysen

Zsuzsanna Kovács

Diego du Monceau



Executive Committee


Hendrik Scheerlinck,has been K&H Bank’s Chief Executive Officer since 29 April 2010. He earned his degree in law at the University of Leuven, following which he obtained a certificate in economics. He has worked for KBC Group/Kredietbank since 1984, starting in Brussels at the International Credit Department, then worked in various positions in the United States (as a senior credit advisor in the New York branch, then as regional manager in Atlanta), in Taiwan (Head of the Taipei branch office of Kredietbank), in Germany (Executive Manager of KBC Bank), then from 1999 as Executive Manager of KBC North America. In the second half of 2006, he joined CSOB as a member of the Executive Committee and Chief Financial and Risk Officer. 


Dr. Ágnes Bába is Deputy Chief Executive Officer of K&H Bank. She obtained her degree at the Budapest University of Economics, followed by a PhD. She then worked in executive positions at several banks operating in Hungary (Credit Lyonnais Bank, Rabobank). She became a member of the K&H team in 2001, and until June 2005, she was in charge of the Finance and Credit Management areas. As from June 2005, she has been heading the Retail Banking Division. 

Lajos Beke is Senior Executive Director of K &H Bank. He has been head of the CRO Services Division from May 1, 2015, and is a member of the Executive Committee. He studied at the Budapest Technical University, then at the Budapest University of Economics. He joined K&H Bank in November 2002 as the head of the IT Directorate, and took over the management of the Operations Division from May 2004, which continued its operation under the name of Banking and Investment Products Division after 2008. 
Attila Gombás is a member of the K&H Executive Committee. He joined K&H Bank in 1994 after obtaining his diploma at the Budapest University of Economics. He has been working in the Controlling area since 1995 and has been managing it since 2002. As from October 2005, he has been heading the Finance Division, and was later appointed as head of the Finance and Corporate, SME Credit Management Division.  
Peter Roebben is a member of the K&H Executive Committee. He obtained his diploma at the Faculty of Law of Leuven University, then earned an MBA degree from the Vlerick Business School. He joined the KBC Group in 1991 as a member of the international trainer team. Between 1992 and 1994, he was in charge of the Belgian section of KBC’s branch office in London, then managed the KBC branch office in Madrid between 1994 and 1998, where he was responsible for business development in Spain, Portugal and Andorra. He returned to KBC’s head office in Brussels in 1998, where he worked at the International Large Corporate Division as the relationship manager of international corporate clients. In December 1999, he went to France to take over the management of KBC’s Local Corporate Banking Division. He was later appointed Executive Director of the Corporate Banking division of CSOB Prague. As from 01 June 2010, Peter Roebben has been managing the HR and Credit Risk Division of K&H Bank, then became the head of the Corporate Institutional Banking Services and Change Management Division. 
Koen Wilmots is heading the Operations, Technologies and Retail Credit Management Division from April 1st, 2015. He is a member of the K&H Executive Committee. He has been working since 1992 for KBC Group in Belgium, Germany and spent the last (almost) 16 years with CSOB CR, obtaining experiences in various executive positions including the corporate, credit, risk management, IT and operations areas. In recent years, he has been heading CSOB CR’s Operations and Technology Division as senior executive director. 



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