K&H Bank

K&H is one of the leading financial institutions in Hungary in terms of both retail and corporate services. Our primary objective is to offer the most suitable solutions for the financial needs of our partners. This is why we have continuously developed our products and services.

the Bank’s mission

As the reliable banking partner of businesses operating in Hungary and of Hungarian private persons, K&H Bank is continuously developing its services and products to remain the indispensable financial services provider for an increasing number of clients. To achieve this, the Bank has relied both on the one century long expertise of its shareholders and the dedicated, high level and innovative professional work of its staff; the Bank has been able to strengthen and improve its position against its rivals thanks to these two valuable assets.

Due to its prudent operation, in compliance with the effective national, international, external and internal regulations and standards, K&H Bank offers a safe working place and an attractive professional career to its employees, and improving profitability to its shareholders and investors.

objectives of K&H Bank

As a modern credit institution, K&H Bank’s objectives include the following:
• retain, strengthen and improve the Bank’s existing market position in every business line;
• with its prudent operation and with the continuously developed services and products, increase the trust of its existing clientele and acquire new partners;
• offer client focused solutions thanks to the development of services and products that propose an optimum solution to the financial needs of businesses and private persons in any situation in life;
• in addition to an outstanding banking operation, K&H Bank intends to be sensitive to current social issues and take part and assist in resolving them through taking an active role in the community, aligned to its strategy.

the Bank’s shareholders

K&H Bank is wholly owned by the Belgian KBC Bank N.V.
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the Bank’s activity

K&H Bank is the second largest bank in Hungary, a market leader in the corporate segment, while it is the second most important credit institution in retail services.
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the Bank’s history

K&H Bank’s anniversary coincides with the introduction in Hungary of the dual banking system; the Bank started its operation on January 1st, 1987.
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the Bank’s management

Members of the Board of Directors, the Supervisory Board, the Executive Committee
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key data

Name: K&H Bank Zrt.
central address: 1095 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 9.
mailing address: 1851 Budapest
central phone number: (06 1) 328 9000
fax: (06 1) 328 9696
e-mail: bank@kh.hu
company registration number: 01-10-041043
registering court: Court of Registration of the Metropolitan Court
tax number: 10195664-4-44


Pursuant to Act CXII of 1996 on credit institutions and financial enterprises, the Bank performs its activities under the supervision of the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority (1013 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 39.); number of its operating licence: ÁPTF 969/1997/F.

K&H Bank’s ownership structure:
KBC Bank N.V.: 100%

core financials (as on June 30, 2014): 

Shareholder’s equity (IFRS consolidated, non-audited): HUF 177 billion

Total assets (IFRS consolidated, non-audited): HUF 2370 billion

After-tax profit (IFRS consolidated, non-audited): HUF -40,5 billion

Number of branches: 210
Auditor: Ernst & Young


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