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K&H Insurance offers a comprehensive range of life and property insurance products to retail and corporate clients through a network of tied agents and K&H Bank’s branch network. 


K&H Insurance was established by the merger of K&H Life Insurance and K&H General Insurance on July 1st, 2006. 


On the life insurance side, we offer unit-linked and risk (payment protection) insurance products as well as supplementary accident and health insurance coverage to retail clients. Furthermore, group life insurance packages (for employees) are available to corporate clients. These products allow for saving and care, and come with a substantial tax allowance. 


On the asset insurance side, we offer motor vehicle and home insurance to retail clients, while enterprises can choose property insurance covering technical failures, freight, breakdown of operation, machine breakage, etc. 


K&H Insurance’s tied agents not only sell services but also act as personal insurance advisors. They conform to the schedule of their clients, so transaction management is not restricted to conventional opening hours. 


contact information: 

address: 1095 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 9. 

mailing address: Budapest 1851

K&H TeleBiztosító: (06 1/20/30/70) 335 3355 


property insurance business line 

telephone: (06 1/20/30/70) 335 3355

fax: (06 1) 461 52 76 

e-mail: biztosito@kh.hu


life insurance business line 

telephone: (06 1/20/30/70) 335 3355

fax: (06 1) 267 6666 

e-mail: biztosito@kh.hu



K&H TeleCenter: 
(06 1/20/30/70) 335 3355

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