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K&H Group wants to play an active role in public matters. One way of doing this is to promote the dissemination of financial knowledge in order to educate people in everyday finances and to allow them to make smart financial decisions.


It is never too early to start learning finances. A little child putting money in a piggy bank is already actively involved in the world of finances. K&H Group thinks it is especially important to teach new generations the basics of finances as early as possible so that they could make their economic decisions themselves and could navigate with ease in the world of everyday finances.



The cartoon series C(r)ash Course, created with support from K&H, is specifically aimed at educating children in finances. It uses the language of the young to describe the role of money in the economy in an entertaining and innovative way, which is also accessible to grown-ups.


In autumn 2009, K&H Group donated millions of forints to fund the distribution of 4,000 DVDs of the cartoon series in the elementary school system to introduce the youngest to finances. K&H also provided teachers’ handbooks, divided into junior and senior elementary parts and also sections for each episode with playful tasks for better driving home the messages.



K&H Group invited entries in a video clip competition connected to the cartoon series in school year 2009/2010. Elementary school pupils were invited to shoot short videos featuring money in the light of what was taught by the cartoon. The best three entries were awarded HUF150,000, HUF100,000 and HUF50,000 respectively, and a special prize of HUF50,000 was also awarded. The awards were paid by transfer to “trambulin” accounts freshly opened to the winners’ names. The school with the highest number of entries received computers worth HUF1,000,000 and two other schools received HUF200,000 each.



K&H Group decided to continue with the idea and organise a financial competition for elementary schools in Hungary. Teams of 3-5 pupils can go in for any one of four categories of this national competition called K&H Ready, Steady, Money! K&H not only awards pupils but schools and teachers too.

150 teams of 89 schools participated in the first competition in school year 2010/2011, and more than 600 pupils put to the test their knowledge and creativity in various financial tasks.

K&H Group has organised the K&H Ready, Steady, Money! national competition in school year 2011/2012 again.

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