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The K&H Group considers its employees to be its most important resource and it believes that it can only be successful with happy and sufficiently motivated staff with outstanding professional knowledge and skills. To this end, it endeavours to create an environment in all areas of human resources management that supports the harmonisation of its employees’ expectations and the needs of the Company.

Excellent work and continuous professional development require appropriate conditions. We feel deeply responsible for our employees and thus we regularly assess how they are feeling at work and how happy they are with the benefits and the career opportunities we provide. We carry out a satisfaction survey in every two years, extending to each and every employee of the K&H Group. The results of the survey are used in several areas of operation, for example in the development and improvement of our motivational programmes.
Our cafeteria system offers a wide range of benefits to employees according to their social situation, and we also grant preferential loans to those in need. We organise in-house professional training courses to promote our employees’ development and to guide their careers within the Company.

Training programmes

We offer a wide range of opportunities so that our employees can also develop competences outside their work; they can attend professional and personal development and language courses.
We provide financial support to employees studying for a degree in the formal education system and they also get time off from work.
As the branch network expands and new employees are hired, we pay special attention to integrate them both professionally and socially.

Career planning and development

We offer career planning within the Company by defining typical career paths in line with the organisational structure of the K&H Group and the competence requirements of the various jobs.
Internal selection and promotions are also supported by our career development programmes.
Our Young Talent programme is offered every two years. The 12-13 participants receive one-on-one and group development for three years. Its purpose is to turn experts into middle-managers.
Our Branch Manager Succession Planning Programme is offered annually or biennially to train branch managers, mainly for our new branches. 12-15 participants are accepted into the two-year programme.
Our Young Entrants Programme is for talented graduates to learn about the various areas of the Group over nine months and then to take a junior position in the area most appropriate for them.
The evaluation forms completed at the end of each programme, the feedback received from participants and the results achieved all confirm that the programmes are useful and successful.

Programme for employees returning from maternity leave

In 2007 we launched a new programme called ”Welcome Back” for employees who have been on maternity leave. It is important to us that they too are kept up to date about events within the K&H Group, and we also want to ensure that as many as possible return to K&H.

Internal communication

We continuously and actively communicate with our own colleagues as well as with the general public. Since the employees of K&H are the key to its success, it is vital that they always learn any K&H related facts and news first hand.
We place great emphasis on interactive internal communication, for which we have a dedicated intranet forum. We welcome our employees’ ideas and suggestions for improvement, which we use to further improve our work.

Trade unions

K&H employs close to four thousand people who can choose from two trade unions. Our management is in regular contact with their representatives and takes their comments and suggestions into account.
Based on the outcome of the Works Council elections, the K&H Trade Union can conclude a Collective Agreement and any other agreements concerning employees alone until the next elections.

The Health & Safety Committee working alongside the Works Council of K&H Group advises on health and safety programmes. All three members must be employees of the Group.
We provide substantial support for the social benefit scheme for employees through the foundation operated by the K&H Trade Union, according to the terms and conditions set out in the Benefits Regulation annexed to the Collective Agreement. The annual K&H Sports Days organised by the K&H Trade Union also receive financial support.

Working conditions

We pay attention to providing offices of adequate size, to the optimal use of space and to the use of natural light sources and monitors that are gentle on the eye. The principles of ergonomics and green offices (which focus on energy-saving in day-to-day office work and the use of environment-friendly materials and detergents) are important considerations in creating our workplaces.



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