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The social responsibility policy of K&H Group focuses on children’s healthcare. Before drafting its sponsorship strategy, K&H conducted a survey among its existing and potential clients and used the survey results to define the objectives of its own support programme. According to the survey results, the then existing and potential clients assigned priority to the development of Hungarian children’s healthcare which is in a difficult situation compared with the European average.

Short history of the K&H MediMagic healthcare programme

The K&H MediMagic programme was launched in 2004. An important objective of this programme was to provide a good opportunity for doctors and nurses, and to enable as many healthcare institutions as possible to obtain medical instruments enabling them to take smart decisions with the help of accurate diagnostics. This is how K&H wants to contribute so that the members of the present and future society can lead a full life.

The K&H Group and K&H Foundation for a Healthy Nation administered the K&H MediMagic children’s healthcare programme for the sixth time in 2009. The scope of the national competition forming the main component of this programme covered the paediatrics units of specialised paediatrics hospitals, general hospitals, clinics and national institutions providing inpatient care in Hungary, financed by the National Healthcare Fund, and also the ambulance service performing child rescue activities. These institutions could each apply for up to HUF 5 million from the gross HUF 25 million of competition fund for paediatrics and rescue equipment. Since its start, K&H MediMagic has contributed to the work of 100 hospitals and 41 ambulance services with instruments and medical equipment worth over HUF 383 million; of this amount, HUF 150 million has been awarded as part of competitions.
From the very beginning, the K&H MediMagic programme has strived to support the institutions in need, from several sources, with the addition of new components beside the available budget. Apart from the instrument and equipment donations, the programme has also focused on the psychological health of children; therefore, it has encouraged the recovery of the young patients nationwide through entertaining children’s programmes.



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