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K&H Group Hungary is a leading financial service provider in Hungary. It offers both banking and insurance solutions to serve the financial needs of customers, enabling them to select smart solutions best suited to their specific requirements. K&H Group’s product range includes conventional retail and corporate banking products (account management, investments, savings, credits, bank guarantees, bank card services, custody management, treasury, project finance, etc), as well as premium banking services, investment fund management, leasing, life, property and liability insurance, health and pension fund management, and securities trading.


Corporate social responsibility

K&H wishes to make smart and responsible decisions as part of our dynamic operations, so as to allow the present and future society to lead a full life. That is what the group strives to achieve through every initiative it takes and every business or social decision it adopts. K&H is well aware that corporate social responsibility is not limited to the support of worthy causes; is much more than that. CSR is an attitude that should permeate every area of an institution’s operation, from client service through product development to caring for our employees, or the operation of our buildings. K&H focuses its attention on four key areas, which are the following:


The K&H Group considers it an important mission to not only provide high-quality financial services in Hungary, but also act as a sponsor in several areas beyond its core activities. In its sponsorship strategy, K&H Bank focuses on the following four key areas:

    the K&H foundations

    K&H Bank has 3 foundations that support development in selected areas in accordance with the bank’s goals.   

    K&H art collection

    On the domestic scene, K&H group was the first company to rebuild its art collection, which has become one of the most modern corporate collections by now. The collection, titled „Art for a better, more meaningful world” – assembled and now further enriched with the help of a group of art experts – captures contemporary trends in fine arts as well as the fundamental values held by K&H, such as dynamism, renewal and the fostering of long-term values.



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